Glen Jeansonne
Historian, Speaker, Writer, and Teacher

        Glen Jeansonne has taught twentieth-century Amcerican history at the University of Lousiana-Lafayette, Williams College, the University of Michigan, and since 1978, at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has won two Teaching Awards and a University Reseaerch Award.  His twenty-two grants and fellowships include a fellowship from the      John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

        Jeansonne has fourteen books in print or in press, among them A Time of Paradox:America since 1890; Women of the Far Right; Messiah of the Masses: Huey P. Long and the Great Depression; Gerald L. K. Smith: Minister of Hate; and Transformation and Reaction: America, 1921-1945. Gerald L.K. Smith won the Wisconsin Writer's Award for Best Academic book, the Gustavus Meyers Award for research related to bigotry, and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. 

       Jeansonne has Published over sixty scholarly and popular articles and 150 reviews.  He edits two book series and was Associate Editor of Louisiana's state journal, Louisiana historey.  In 2001, he was elected a Lifetime Fellow of the Louisana Historical Association. He has participated in television documentaries about Leander H. Perez, Huey P. Long, and Herber Hoover.

       Jeansonne has two daughters, Leah and Hannah. He enjoys music, specator sports, outdoor beauty, current events and the study of religion.



CURRENT POSITION: Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (since 1978).

PAST EMPLOYMENT: University of Louisiana-Lafayette, 1973-1975
Williams College, 1975-1978; University of Michigan, 1985.

At the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, I was Associate Director of the Center for For Louisiana Studies and Assistant Editor of Louisiana History, the journal of the Louisiana Historical Association.

Poydras High School, New Roads Louisiana, 1964 (Valedictorian, GPA 3.98)
B.A., History, University of Louisiana-Lafayette (1968; Salutatorian, GPA 3.97).
M.A., Florida State University, History (1969, GPA 4.0).
Ph.D., Florida State University (1973; GPA 3.97).
Dissertation: “Leander H. Perez, 1896-1969.”

Fields: 19th and 20th century American and European history. Reading knowledge of French and German.



Huey P. Long Symposium: Louisiana’s Old State Capitol, Aug. 28-29, 2010. Served as panelist on two panels: “Long Legacy Panel”, and “The 75th Anniversary Panel: Assassination or Accidental Shooting?”

Served as juror for the play by Michael Wynne and David Zinman: “Who Killed the Kingfish? The Huey Long Murder Case.”

“Herbert Hoover: Complicated Conservative,” Organization of American Historicans Convention, Washington, D. C., (April 2010)

“Huey P. Long’s Legacy,” Louisiana Cultural Vistas (forthcoming, Winter 2010).

“The Sunshine Governor: Jimmie Davis in Music and Politics, Louisiana Cultural Vistas, with David Lurhssen (forthcoming, Fall, 2010).

“Hank Williams at Shreveport’s Louisiana Hayride, with David Lurhssen, (Summer 2009), 8-18.

“Herbert Hoover: Meetinghouse to White House,” Iowa Heritage Illustrated (Fall 2009) 90:3, 92-100.

“Herbert Hoover’s Boy Biographer,” Prologue (Fall 2007), Vol. 39, No. 3, 6-14,


PUBLICATIONS: BOOKS (beginning with the most recent):

The Life of Herbert Hoover: Fighting Quaker, 1928-1933 (Palgrave MacMillan, 2012).

Elvis Presley: Reluctant Rebel (Praeger/ABC-CLIO, Jan., 2011), with David Lurhssen and Dan Sokolosky (both former students).

Changing Times: The Life of Barack Obama (MavenMark Books, 2009), with David Luhrssen.

A Time of Paradox: America Since 1890 (Rowman and Littlefield, 2006).

America From Awakening to Superpower, 1890-1945 (Rowman and Littlefield, 2007).

America From the Cold War to the Third Millennium, 1945-Present (Rowman and Littlefield, 2007).

Women of the Far Right: The Mothers’ Movement and World War II (University of Chicago Press, 1996; paper 1997).

Transformation and Reaction: America, 1921-1945 (HarperCollins, 1994; Longman, 1995; Waveland, 2004).

Messiah of the Masses: Huey P. Long and the Great Depression (HarperCollins, 1993; Longman, 1995).

Gerald L. K. Smith: Minister of Hate (Yale University Press, 1988; paper, Louisiana State University Press, 1997).

Leander Perez: Boss of the Delta (Louisiana State University Press, 1977, 1982; Center for Louisiana Studies, paper, 1995; University of Mississippi Press, 2006).

Race, Religion, and Politics: The Louisiana Gubernatorial Elections of 1959-1960 (Center for Louisiana Studies, 1977).



Huey At 100: Centennial Essays on Huey P. Long (Louisiana Tech University Press, 1995).

A Guide to the History of Louisiana, with Light T. Cummins (Greenwood Press, 1982).



Research Guides to State and Local History (Greenwood Press).

The Right in America (M.E. Sharpe, Publishers).



“George Patton: A Life Shaped by Dsylexia,” with Frank C. Haney and David Luhrssen, World War II History, (January 2008), pp. 28; 30-35.

“Reagan and the West: How Jeffersonian Ideals Reached the 40th President,” with David Luhrssen, Historically Speaking (May/June, 2006), 34-36.

“Historians Change at a Slower Pace Than History,” American Historical Association Perspectives (Winter 2006), 27-28.

“The 1980s and the Age of Reagan,” History Today (August 2004), 38-39.

“Gerald L. K. Smith: From Wisconsin Roots to National Notoriety,” Wisconsin Magazine of History (Feb., 2003), 18-29.

“An Evaluation of Franklin D. Roosevelt,” in William D. Pederson and Frank Williams, eds., Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln: Competing Perspectives on Two Great Presidents (New York, 2003), 171-180.

“Jeannette Rankin: The Lone Dissenting Vote,” American History (April 1999), 46-50; 52-54.

“An Anti-War Movement that was Not a Peace Movement,” Peace and Change (Spring 1999), 29-47.

“Huey P. Long, Gerald L. K. Smith, and Gerald L. K. Smith as Charismatic Leaders,” Louisiana History (Fall 1995), 5-21.

“Huey P. Long Reevaluated,” with Edward F. Haas, The History Teacher (Feb. 1994), 119-131.

“The Apotheosis of Huey Long,” Biography (Fall 1989), 283-301.



John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (1990).

Earhart Foundation (1985; 2003, 2006-2007)

American Council for Learned Societies (1978).

Herbert Hoover Library Association (2003, 2008)

Helen Bader Foundation (2005).

American Philosophical Society (1978; 1982; 1992).

Wisconsin Humanities Committee (1978; 1988; 2004).

Univ. of Wisconsin System on Race and Ethnicity (2000, 1998)


Undergraduate Teaching Award, Univ. of Wisc.-Milwaukee, 2006.

Presidential Scholars Award, Louisiana State University-Shreveport, 2003.

Elected a Fellow of the Louisiana Historical Association (Lifetime Accomplishments, 2001).

William C. Rivers Award (Lifetime Achievements in Louisiana Studies, 2000).

Alumni Teaching Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1992.

Career Research Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1990.

Wisconsin Council For Writers Award for Best Academic Book, 1988, for Gerald L. K. Smith.

Gerald L. K. Smith nominated for Pulitzer Prize, 1988.

Gustavus Myers Award for research contributing to the study of bigotry, 1988, for Gerald L. K. Smith.

Women of the Far Right nominated for Herbert Hoover Prize in American History, 1996.

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